Casting Foundry

A crucial part of the manufacturing facility at BCP is our extensive on-site foundry. Our foundry specialises in aluminium sand, gravity & low pressure fully tested, machined & finished castings.

A high level of hands on technical expertise combined with a customer focused attitude makes BCP one of the UK’s leading foundries for high integrity precision castings. Over the years substantial investment has been made in our foundry capabilities and further developments are on the horizon to expand our facility even further. Our foundry is more than capable of satisfying most casting sizes and quantity requirements, from initial prototypes to ongoing production volumes.


Our foundry capabilities, consist of the following:

Sand castings
Gravity die castings
Low pressure castings
CNC pattern making & tooling
In-house CNC machining
Assembly service

Castings Foundry UK

Whether its highly intricate technically challenging castings, machined parts or sub assemblies you require, BCP have the personnel, expertise & capabilities to help fulfil all our needs.